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August 21, 2012

I have fallen
But I got up
Again and yet still
The world and some in it
Pushed me down
Pulled me down
Willed me down
To no avail
I lift up my eyes to the hills
I bring up the honor of my family
I raise up from the mist and muck
And dare them to try once more

Sweet Bitterness

March 17, 2012

the ache in the hollow of my heart connects me to us

to you

i embrace the pain of my broken mass

allowing the weeping organ to grieve

The Lover

March 17, 2012

Your mere presense is foreplay
No need for touch or glance
Breath quickens
Blood thickens
Love is near, perchance

Book Flap

June 20, 2011

How does one tap into the goddess within?  Even when you do, what happens when you discover you are on the other side of good?  Christina has grown up amidst wealth and privilege only to find herself living a life of little choice and less pleasure.  As small events in her life merge, she realizes that more is happening around her than puberty.  Embracing the messages, Christina enters into a dialogue that could prove to be both powerful and deadly.  Once Christina embraces her role in the cosmic conversation, she must choose what her connotations will be.

This book takes the reader to a new place and unveils how a goddess is born.  The writing constructs images more vivid than a movie and the reader will not be able to stop until the story reaches its sensual and shocking end.  Whether or not you believe in God or gods, this book will make it hard not to…

Believe in Christina.

Letters I Never Sent

May 29, 2010

Dear woman who refuses to accept a basket wen your hands are overflowing with items

Dear person who insists on pulling the xxl shirt from the bottom of the pile only to decide not to purchase it and instead rolls it together and sets it back on top of the pile

Dear bathroom user who couldn’t aim, manage the toilet paper, or the paper towels, and tells no one of the mess you left even though there is a sign clearly asking to inform the staff if the restroom needs attention


December 25, 2009

This is where I will come to write.  When my illness robs me of sleep or dignity I will share it here.  When life features me as a lead in a made for tv lifetime drama, you will know.  When I have no one to talk to, when he won’t answer the phone, again, when I am one decision away from the bottle or a one nite stand, I will turn here first.