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Step Sister Trilogy: Halloween

December 28, 2009

“Come on dear, they’re waiting.”

It was Sunday morning and my mother called me from my room to meet her at the door. The car outside was gased and ready to take us to the airport. Today, we were picking up some very special guests and I could not care less.

I retied my shoelaces and made sure the gum was completely off the bottom of my sneakers and with nothing else to keep me, I grabbed my coat and dragged my newly sodded feet to the hallway.

“Claire! Let’s go, sweetie. Charlie and Samantha are going to be touching down any minute. We should have left ten minutes ago.”

My mother of course seems to have conveniently forgotten how she changed her outfit twice, shoes three times, and then ended up settling on what she already had set out the night before. I didn’t bother pointing this out to her, but instead grabbed the keys and made my way to the front door.

“I will drive mom, you are much too frazzled to get us there in one piece. Besides, I don’t want you putting your mascara on in the [commuter] lane. Come on, let’s ride.”