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Specter Love

January 26, 2012

ghost hands caress my hips

my breath slows as my heart beat quickens

tears spring to my eyes

as my mind races in vain for love gone

love lost


Kissed by the Sun

November 20, 2011

The sun kisses my eyelashes and

I believe that my eyes sparkle

The dull dark brown glows

to a warm hot molasses

that pools beneath

the lids

The sun bathes my skin and

suddenly the pigment shines

The ashy dry wood

becomes smooth milk chocolate

I am beautiful

Spending time with the timeless

June 5, 2011

When my body gets weary,

I sit a while with Rosa

We talk about how hard we worked

and agree its good to get off our feet


When I lose my sense of purpose

I pontificate with Malcolm

He always seems to have

a word or fresh view


When I need to clear my head

I take a healthy stroll with Martin

Walking with him invigorates me

from the inside out


When I am old

and young at heart

who will spend time with me?


I gather rather

it all depends

on how I spend my time now


What will I work so hard at

That I am too resolved to move?


What plans and purpose

will bring me clarity of mind?


What in my life

shall move me and those around?


Young black girls

not yet told of their beauty


Young black boys

deserving of a dignified masculinity


The reassurance of the experienced

that they are leaving the world in capable hands


June 5, 2011

Those eyes

liquid and cool

piercing and blue

I could swim in them

wade into your soul

White Knight

April 12, 2011

How we began is how we will return

Your voice so normal in my ears

My eyes cannot close without it

Without you

You who first opened me

You who last hurt me

I shudder to think

About life without you

But can’t seem to

Resolve the thought of it

With you

You who kept me

Within your grasp

Without your love

Who struggled against me

Only to eventually fight for me

Keep fighting

I have always wanted a white knight

To win my heart


December 21, 2010

I glance longingly ahead

The light piercing through my sunglasses

Everything I have worked for

All the sacrifices I have made

Culminating into a moment

That will never quite come

Until the end, as far as I’m told

There will always be a tomorrow after today

So when I need a pick me up

I cuddle with my well-worn thoughts

Thumb through the threadbare scenarios

Exist in the ethereal space out of time

In my mind

When it comes

will I know it?

Amidst the goings

and comings of life

How does one ascertain

they have arrived?

Couplet Minus You

December 15, 2010

The impressions left from loves lost preferate my heart

Birthday Poem

December 15, 2010

Thinking of you

this December 9th

Makes me glad,

That you’re all mine.


Loving, caring.

Righteous and fine,

the feelings I have,

are a loving sign.


Without your courageous heart,

There would be nothing I could do

I hope you feel the same way,

When I say, ” I love you.”

Forbidden Me

December 15, 2010

I am an apple.

I grow on a tree with many apples.

Some apples grow up bad, others

slowly decayed from the outside in.

I was a big apple.  A noticeable apple.

Now the tree is growing .  The apples too.

Other apples are redder than red.

Other apples are greener than green.

Other apples are yellower than yellow.

I am browner than brown plus two.

No one looks at brown apples.

No one wants to talk to brown apples.

No one will ever cook with a brown apple.

I am a brown, terrible, horrible, no good,

very bad, rotten apple.

World Conqueror

December 15, 2010

He is a student, says his backpack,

filled to bursting with supplies and heavy school books

a studious person too, say the table and chair in the library

where he sits everyday in the mornings and during lunch

and a loner too

say the hallways and paths in the school familiar with

his hurried step and determined pace, seldom with another’s

but not a person for talking, says the silent phone

in his house which rarely rings for him.

A suppliant girl watches him,

say the hairs on the back of his head

and she follows him sometimes,

say the heels on his feet who notice her body,

and her wary pace pursuing their own.

Conversation is forced, say the sweaty palms

and the timid voice in the girl’s throat.

And the relationship transparent.

It is lonely here, says the bench on which he eats his lunch.

No one knows him, says the phone book

in the front pocket of his backpack.

The classrooms and hallways

say his life is not meant for people

the thoughts in his head say

there is no room for a girl.

And the girl? – a hopeless fanatic,

A reacher for the unreachable with a one track mind,

A persistent suitor.


they say.