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December 28, 2009

My clothing flowed around me and it seemed as though my locs had grown inches in mere moments.  Through the trees, green and thick, a mist floated.  The clouds kept the sky gray and blanketed my view.  As my hands reached behind me, his grasped them.  Immediately, I felt safe, warm, comforted, and loved.  Before I could turn around, he stepped closer, pulling me against him as he wrapped his arms around me.  I arched my back, sighing into him, and rested my cheek against his.  The breeze flowed past us cool and sweet with the smells of our personal forest but his touch held my breath captive.  His lips brushed along my ear, hands rubbing and massaging my waist, and knowing he had my utmost attention he whispered, “Traffic is hectic today on the interstate with 2 accidents and-”

Damn alarm clock.  Damn traffic.  I never get to see his face.  My hands were clenched around my cheap dollar store pillows and my feet stuck out of the bottom of my full size bed.  Without abandon, my locs covered my head and some of my stuffed bedmate.  Bartholemuew James the Bear greeted me with his standard morning stare, button eye loose.  Since they work as bedroom eyes, I hesitate to fix them.  Behind me, empty bed stretched.

I reached to turn off the alarm clock and instead of rolling back over to grasp for my fleeting reverie decided enough was enough.  I got up and made a decision.

Today, I am going to find the man of my dreams.