Character Sketch

The concrete supported a hefty bottom.  Clothes squeezed over rolls and full flesh.  Where the ground met the brick wall, the large girl’s back absorbed what little heat remained between the brick and mortar.  The thin worn blue cotton shirt barely made it over the muffin top protecting the jeans which should have been donated last season.  Soft wheezing unconsciously escaped full pink lips and the breath wafted white up and away from the young child.  Though the large army style jacket covered the girls’ upper body, seat pooled in the nooks and crannies of soft chubby round rolls beneath the cotton.  The jacket did not capture all the scents of the girl’s body and each breeze escaped with snatches of musk and body odor.  The hairs of the girl stretched to remain in the small bun no longer than a grape on the top of her head.  Being the end of her school day, a few strands gave up the exercise and wafted in wisps around her head.  The girl allowed her body to slump and relax into its natural state of amorphousness and her dark chocolate skin held back the fury bubbling beneath.


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