Spending time with the timeless

When my body gets weary,

I sit a while with Rosa

We talk about how hard we worked

and agree its good to get off our feet


When I lose my sense of purpose

I pontificate with Malcolm

He always seems to have

a word or fresh view


When I need to clear my head

I take a healthy stroll with Martin

Walking with him invigorates me

from the inside out


When I am old

and young at heart

who will spend time with me?


I gather rather

it all depends

on how I spend my time now


What will I work so hard at

That I am too resolved to move?


What plans and purpose

will bring me clarity of mind?


What in my life

shall move me and those around?


Young black girls

not yet told of their beauty


Young black boys

deserving of a dignified masculinity


The reassurance of the experienced

that they are leaving the world in capable hands


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