I glance longingly ahead

The light piercing through my sunglasses

Everything I have worked for

All the sacrifices I have made

Culminating into a moment

That will never quite come

Until the end, as far as I’m told

There will always be a tomorrow after today

So when I need a pick me up

I cuddle with my well-worn thoughts

Thumb through the threadbare scenarios

Exist in the ethereal space out of time

In my mind

When it comes

will I know it?

Amidst the goings

and comings of life

How does one ascertain

they have arrived?


8 Responses to “Future”

  1. Imagination Says:

    Amidst the goings
    and comings of life
    How does one ascertain
    That they have arrived?

    Beautiful poem! It made me think of what I take for granted in life. I’ve always gone with the idea that life is about the searching, and if you hurry all the way to the goal the journey will be long, boring and unhappy. I live each day as though it were tomorrow, with the future in mind, but I do not hesitate to plunge into timeless questions like those your poem poses.

    Thank you for this beautiful treat!


  2. Sumit Sarkar Says:

    Wow…lovely poem…
    I like the questions you ask at the end..

  3. fiveloaf Says:

    love all the questions- seems to be true! mines here- http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/01/23/painted-hallways/

  4. 1MereMortal Says:

    I felt a connection with this poem…the lines:

    “Everything I have worked for…All the sacrifices I have made…Culminating into a moment…That will never quite come”

    …reflected my own journey back at me. An excellent poem, thank you for sharing and have a Happy New Year.

  5. Jingle Says:

    beautiful wonders.

    Greetings! Happy 2011.
    I invite you to become a participant at Thursday Poets Rally Week 36…
    visit me via this link to link in your entry…you have until Wednesday to make 18 comments among participants…
    Hope to see you in, Happy Sunday!
    your support is precious! Bless you.

  6. Olivia Says:

    Very well expressed Dear.. Wonderfully written..
    Hugs xox

  7. Scent of my heart Says:

    You will know, these moments just don’t come and go unnoticed! Beautiful writing!

  8. Scent of my heart Says:

    Hello, how are you?

    Simply want to check on you and offer you our greatest appreciation for your support to Potluck poetry. You rock!

    Reminder: week 18 Theme: Languages, Signs and Symbols

    The more you share, the happier we are. Plan ahead and have your entry ready to be linked…We are open Sunday 8pm, American Central time…linking in early would benefit your work with more encouragements..

    Hope to see you on Sunday at: http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/

    Let me know via email if you have questions or doubts.

    Again, we treasure your participation and would be tickled to see you again on week 18…

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