What Had Happened Was…

So, i was in charge of tickets you know, so i went through all kinds of jazz to get things together before we left and lo, the price was too much for mine and jonathan’s credit cards. so, it was decided as we were leaving that the house would pay for the trip and WHENEVER everybody paid their money for the trip, the house would be reimbursed. the snow was really exciting, but before i could get to it, i had to help with lift tickets and what not. ppl dropped out of the trip, which was no prob, but the ones that were there were anxious to leave and information and id cards needed to be collected, ppl wanted to add packages, and i even put my id card in for a good friend of mine. so, after jonathan, me, and a few others finally figured out the tickets, i follwed michael for about an hour until his lesson. i wasn’t skiing or snowboarding so i figured i would read some of the time and walk around the shops the whole day. michael and i made snow angels ^_^ and i took pictures. we watched the kinder kup with these little kids skiing and snowboarding, like four and five years old, just too cute, i wanted to have a child or a puppy or a plant or something to focus my swell of nurturing feelings. after michael left, i went to some benches outside this restaurant to read. the wind was blowing and it was kind of cold so i went into this rent shop near heavenly. at this point, it was almost noon so i ate my packed lunch which was such a suprise…pb and j and lucky charms and an oreo. thank you jerry and whoever else packed, it was pretty cool. so, i sat there eating, reading, listening to music, while across from me these three teenagers sat flipping through a magazine and waiting on some bus. they were white kids, which may or may not be relevant depending on what you think of the next incident. so they left after the bus got there and i finished eating and continued reading. then, this guy came up to me and asked if i needed some help. i told him i was waiting on the bus *which i was cause i wanted to go to the shops in gondola* and he was like, well there is a waiting room in the next building upstairs but i was not allowed to wait for the bus in there. so, i left and went to find a bus schedule so i could figure out where i needed to be. i went to “guest services” and asked the lady about shuttles and where they went…after explaining myself several times that i just wanted to know what places the buses went, she pointed to this map on the table. i asked her if they had bus schedules and she was like, no. so i studied the map and went outside. i was headed for the bathroom when one of the employees asked me how i was. he was young and slightly handsome, so i took the opportunity to talk to someone who wasn’t dispelling me and told him my dorm was skiing and i was trying to find something to do so i would take the bus but i didn’t have a schedule. well, it turned out the lady at the guest services place was poorly misinformed cause they DID have them and the guy employee gave me one. he told me how to get to gondola and wished me a better day. i got on the bus, went to gondola and walked around for maybe two hours. i bought stephen (my fiance) and i marriage beanie babies and went back to heavenly. i wanted to read more, since there was still nothing to do, so i went to this desk like cubicle to read, but it was near the door so it was cold there. i went inside the restaurant to read, but they looked busy and i didn’t want to take up space, so i went to the next room, a bar, and sat down to read. a server guy asked me if he could get me anything, and i said no thank you. no more than five minutes later a chick employee comes up to me and asks for id. she says she needs id for everyone in the place, and all i have is my stanford id card. she repeats that she needs id instead of telling me to leave, thus forcing me to make the connection and leaving her conscience unscathed. so, i pack my things once again to go back outside. while outside, i see the same inviting guy employee that gave me the bus schedule. he asked me how gondola was and i told him it was fine but i had gotten kicked out of another place and i was just going to go sit on the ground somewhere outside and read. i sat next to the first building i got kicked out of and read for a little while. there was a guy with a nestly cocoa pack giving out cocoa so i accepted some. in my attempts to blow the hot cocoa, it blew over my fingers and the wind wisked it across my pale green shirt. it wasnt’ a lot, and it wasn’t hot, but it was not cool either. so, i started gathering my things since it was fifteen til four, the time everyone was going to meet up to go back to the lodge, and i realized that my scarf, which i had to wrap around my waist when i was reading next to the door, had fallen off at some point. this scarf was the one i made from knit club, my first one, and it was the last thing i needed to happen to me, besides get robbed or kidnapped or raped or something, so anyway, i spent twenty minutes retracing my steps and right before i gave up, i found it in the restaurant. after praising God, i went to the okada spot and waited on everyone to come back. we got back to the lodge and i opted to sleep in order to avoid the line of hungry ppl. i woke up and went to get something to eat, planning to go right back to my room to eat when michael asked me to play monopoly. i agreed since i had not ever played before so me, natty, bucky, and michael played. it was the luckiest game i have ever played in my life. with only three pieces of property, and not even the best three pieces, i beat natty who owned at one point every other piece of property in the game. it was a great end to a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day *kudos to those who know where that comes from* so i went back to my room, read a little bit of ihum, slept, and the next morning i helped clean and we came back. thanks if you cared to read my account. it wasnt’ to have anyone feel sorry for me, i just wanted to share what happened to me.

p.p.s if you have yet to pay for the ski trip…i am now taking care of it, and i will not take no for an answer. be ready. cause i AM coming for you. every single one of you. no excuse will be a reason and no mercy will be shown.


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