The Race

I’m runnin’ that race

I gotta go on

I’m making first place

I gotta be strong

My feet gotta move

I can’t slow down

There’s something I’m gonna prove

A new truth must be found

Everybody’s coming

I can’t get off track

Everybody’s running

I can’t look back

My breath’s getting loud

My lungs are getting full

The air is getting foul

My muscles don’t wanna pull

I’m going up that hill

My eyes are sparkling bright

I’m building up my will

My body is getting tight

My soul is about to die

I’m falling to the floor

Everyone’s passing me by

I can’t keep up no more

My body begins to rise

Something in me begs

You can win that prize

You just gotta move them legs

The sweat slips around my face

I look up to see the end

My pain no longer matters

I know I’ve gotta win

Now their figures disappear

Even though I may drop

The finish line is just so near

I know I can’t stop

As my chest breaks that string

And my feet finally rest

At last I have lived my dream

I have become the best


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