See Cause…

Well ladies and gentlemen, like so many other things in my life, i belive i have procrastinated long enough.  i am sitting watching the national geographic channel about deep sea discoveries and reading some random book.  i figured i should do something constructive.  i have decided to begin my account with the back ground to the weekend.  it all started in my English class…

Mrs. McCabe is, in two words, crack-head crazy.  She is my english IV ap teacher and the woman has some problems.  a cheerleader in high school, she constantly demands your undivided attention with incessant yelps of “Look at me, look at me,” and “are you listening?” combined with barking commands to write down nearly everything she is saying.  of course, the second your eyes drop to the page, the yelling begins again…anywho.  we are doing lit circles and i chose Candide by Voltaire, which i would recommend to all of you, its a funny little satire about the French from a french enlightenment writer.  every day for class, we have to bring a “Job Sheet” with at least 3 vocab words, 3 questions, 3 paragraphs to share with our group, and 3 connections with something we read, from the section we read the day before.  since i wasn’t gonna be there on thursday, i had to do my assignment before i left.  she doesn’t believe in missing school, especially for school events.  she has the notion for some obscene reason that we as students come back and treat the missed day as a “make-up day” and she doesn’t want us getting any unnecessary breaks.  so if we know we are not going to be in class, she wants us to do our work and turn it in the day before we leave…weirdo…so yeah, i had to do my second job sheet and turn it into her by wednesday.  my group ended up having different versions of the book, (if you get it, make sure you get the one with the pictures, they help), and we were supposed to take the number of pages in our book and divide them by five, but seeing as how no one had the same number of pages, i ended up reading the least amount for the first assignment.  to rememdy this, we all agreed to be up to chapter twelve by the next class, so i had to read nine chapters in two days, as opposed to the six that we decided would do for each class period…yeah yeah i know i am complaining but still…so i tried doing my assignment for that  day but i also had to write an essay that i would be missing from that class period.  during the day, i tried working on the assignment and my teacher didn’t give me the prompt until wednesday, even though i asked her for it on monday…what  was she thinking…most likely she wasn’t, but she expected me to write the essay during the day, grab a few minutes of free time-i can’t even type that without laughing. who here has free time during the day? with the procrastinated homework assignments taking up breakfast and lunch, and any spare moments in class are used to breathe, eat, drink, sleep, if you’re lucky, study and do even more hw. but i worked on it in physics II ap, that class is the equivalent of going to the ymca when its closed and sitting out in the front…there is an opportunity to learn there, but the teacher just doesn’t have any open hours.  basically he can’t teach.  so yeah, i finished the essay, but the assignment required a little more work, but i figured productions class, pretty much varsity theatre, would be the perfect time to do it.  no one wants to do the play we are doing, a woman called truth, because after nearly four years of being on the back burner and most often behind the stove as black theatre students while the beautiful white (or white looking) students got to get and stay in the spotlight up to the moment they left, our directors wanna try and atone for their closed mindedness and throw a play at the class at the end of the school year.  the main character requires a lot of memorization and my friend stacia constantly voices her doubt as to whether or not she will be able to do the play and the enthusiasm in the room can be measured in a petri dish…basically i would have enough time to work during that class.  but, when i get there, we have to actually go through scenes and stuff.  AND, while i am rushing to leave so i can explain to my teacher what happened, i am stopped and asked if i have given my nominations for the drama club banquet.  so i had to stay after for thirty minutes while the student teacher asked me who i wanted to nominate and voiced her opinion about who’s role was really minor instead of supporting and all kinds of time consuming annoyingly unnecessary stuff.  by the time i left and got to the red campus, there are two campuses and a performing arts center at my school because of the nearly five thousand kids that go there, my teacher had already left.  so i went to calculus tutoring and afterward my ma picked me up.  she said she would take my homework to school, but only after i asked if i could drop off my homework at a friend’s house to take to school, she isn’t a very trusting woman, so i started bustin out mad vocab and writing right up until my ride came.  i was three portions away from being done.  i had to take time out to try and iron some pants (which i didn’t even wear during the weekend) and get a few things together.  my friend, alicia dennis, and i were going to be traveling together so her dad picked me up to take me to the airport.  my mother had already left for her job at ups as a mail handler for the night, and i had kissed and hugged her before she left.  i gave a quick hug to my sister jasmine and my lil bro lil’ daddy (his real name is clinton) and left.  my other sister was out somewhere, but i told them to tell her i said bye.  shouting to my sister jasmine to leave my lil brother alone, i headed off to san antonio international airport headed into what turned out to be the weekend in which i discovered what bi-polar ppl go through.

that took a lot longer than i thought.  and that was just wednesday.  hopefully, i don’t forget all the crazy little instances that i experienced with ppl and things, mice and cats, guys with dreds and girls with not even half of that.  well, the next time i get the urge and some idle hours, i will put in the next installment in which i am introduced to how the airport system really is, not what i expected, and i meet my first eccentric woman.  yall come back now, and read, ya hear?

(hillbilly’s theme plays softly in the back ground until black out)


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