Dear Friend From Home

hey hey man! thanks so much for emailing me. yeah college is pretty crazy. i said i didn’t want to do theatre in college and here i am only two days shy of opening week. i am in this production called gaeties and every year students wrtie script and song for a show before the big game between stanford and berkely about how berkely tries to destroy stanford but stanford wins at the end. i get to sing and dance and even though in this show i play “token” in one scene and only have a few other small parts, its a huge comedic farce anyway so i shouldn’t expect that much different. but there are so many opportunities here to act as a black actress. there are four colored ppl in my show, two black, and two mixed. the other black girl is starting a new student group that will perform black theatre shows but invite everyone to audition. we will just show preference to blacks. japanese class is awesome. ii desu yoo. anywho, i also have an intro to humanities, basically freshman comp. i tried to tell ms. windam that i shouldn’t waste my time or energy on an ap exam my senior yr cause i would have to take this class anyway and she basically threatened to tell mrs. mccabe and she is crazy. i am in a whole bunch of activities already besides gaeities:

Gaities – i will try to get a tape or get someone to film it that way i can bring a copy home

intervarsity – christian fellowship on campus

vinces – a subgroup of intervarsity

splash – stanford students teach area high school students whatever they want on a saturday in january, guess what i am teaching….DDR baby!! AND my class is gonna be all day too. you get either an hour or two or two sessions, but i want everyone to be able to play

Soul Sistah magazine model – someone at an intervarsity meeting told me they liked my style and asked if i would like to take pictures for the magazine its supposed to come out the first of december and you know i’ma get a grip of copies to take home

urban ministries volunteer – i went to a soup kitchen and helped set up and serve food one monday

snow trip planner – yes, my dorm is going on a ski trip in january so i will get to see snow!!!!! i am helping plan it

erica’s women’s piano and fleet street type thing – have you ever heard of tom lehrer? this junior decided to start a female acappella group because there are several on the campus and one all male called fleetstreet….hilarious guys man….so she wants to do a similar one with girls.

dr. dement’s outreach thing – dr. dement was the guy that discovered rem, rapid eye movement, back in the sixties. he had a class here at stanford called sleep and dreams and it have over a hundred students in it by the end of the quarter. they discontinued the class, so now he is going to give talks to the dorms and i am helping set that up.

women leaders of tomorrow honorary executive board member, in which you will recieve updates about our plans for events & projects, and you may offer your help at any time

research assistant – some psych experiements. this school is so big on research it isn’t funny. we have a particle acceleration lab that is like a mile long or something

aphrodishiaq – a dance group

stanford japan exchange club

Tracy’s Black ppl acting troupe – this is the black theatre group i was telling you about. tracy is also in gaeities


the rest of these are things i would like to do here at stanford but haven’t done yet

Stanford Gospel Choir

Stanford Praise Dance

Soul Sistah magazine writer

stanford japanese club

start a belly dancing group

now, we rehearse for gaeties from eight to eleven monday through thursday and have dance rehersal sunday one to five. this weekend, actors had to come to “load” which was basically helping rig flats and whatnot and setting up the set. we also helped build it. each actor had to have at least eight hours of build. there were saturday and sunday ten to six and ten to five earlier in the quarter. now, we have to help put all that stuff together. that is why i am not at church right now. i have to be there today from eleven to five. yesterday it was ten to seven. the last hour today and yesterday is for vocal rehersal. the show goes up this wednesday, thursday, and friday and we have to be there from six to midnight, and i think midnight is an estimate. on thursday is the cast party and on friday, when all the dorms will be there, we have to strike the set, all of it….everything….until roughly three in the morning, then everyone is supposed to go to denny’s. so that is what i am doing. making friends. only one random hookup at the beginning of the year and we didn’t even go all the way. i have honestly gotten real close to the Lord through intervarsity and am growing in my relationship with him and my christian community. i was in advanced honors calculus and i would have been able to do the class but it required a lot of work and i just couldn’t do that and gaeities so i had to withdraw from the class. i got a C+ on my first paper, and i recently got a 58 on my japanese exam so this next week during all the craziness, i have to write the rough draft for my next paper and get my grades back up for my japanese class. hopefully i can get at least a B in both classes but at this point i will have to work my pattoty off. i will not be coming back home this thanksgiving unless someone wants to pay for the five hundred dollar ticket, but if they do, they could just give that money to me. i WILL be coming home for christmas break on saturday, december the thirteenth, which i can say in japanese: junigatu jumikka doyoobi . i am also learning how to write in japanese but until then…so yeah. that is pretty much everything. i almost agreed to get married to stephen i don’t know if i told you about him, but we had been on and off for the past almost two years in january and at the beginning of the school yr before i left i told him if he wasn’t christian i couldn’t marry him and once i got here, everything and everyone were new and i missed the comfort and instant acceptance i got from him so i changed my mind. i went to a conference with intervarsity called how do you know God loves you? and after that conference, and praying and crying with so many ppl, i told him again that i couldn’t and this time i wouldnt’ go back on it cause i felt it was the Lord’s will. so three weeks go by and i am allowing myself to miss him and know what i need to do to get over him, surround myself with friends and pay attention to my work, but i didn’t so i ended up calling him and almost agreeing again, but this time i was like, if i marry you these things have to happen….basically all these strings because he wasn’t christian that he would have to deal with. i need a husband that will be able to support me physically, mentally, emotionally, but above all spiritually. the first three, stephen had down, but the last one now means so much more than the others. so last weekend HE was crying to me and i told him we shouldn’t commit to anything now and wait til i get back and let me talk to my pastor and what not. and he was like can i call you back in a week (sign of obsession, something i had just gotten over cause i would call him at least once a day and barely talked to my mom or anyone else from home) so he is supposed to call today. i will stick to my guns this time. cause now, after i told him this time, i wasn’t crying every night, i wasn’t missing him every moment and worrying about it. i actually let go and let God and it was great. i mean, you hear all these things but to finally start living them, it gets pretty amazing. so yeah, i was in this thing called okada fight club right, okada is the asian themed dorm, there is also casa zapata(hispanic), muwekma (native american), ujamaa (black folks), and i was wrestling against these two guys that were tag teaming me. i originally wanted to fight only one of them but he didn’t want to fight me alone so i found somene else. at the end of the fight, i tried to jump and bring one of them down, but ended landing alone. it really hurt, landed right on my butt and couldn’t walk the next day or ride my bike so that was a painful week. if you are ever on aim, my sn is shaquenisha, i can send you the files…or you can right click my sn and go to “get file” and you should see them there. they are numbered in the order in whick they should be watched. i also have a cell phone now. the number is a san antonio number too! 210-(blah blah blah blah blah blah blah). so call me anytime, there is a two hour difference, you guys are two hours ahead so when its six pm there, its four pm here. let me know how everyone else is doing and let them know i will be back and when i am bored i guess i can hang with yall on the weekday…go to school with my sister…visit some teachers. you know. so work calls, got to study my japanese and get some reading done before rehersal. tell my dad i said hey, i miss him and i love him lots. my mama too! i hope everything is going well in your end. congrats on the cross country and the tech stuff. man, if i were you, i would so try to get into stanford. the athletes here are junior olympiads and the rest are training to be in the olympics. not all, but there are some, so its not all hard core academics. its also got great technical theatre stuff, the stage actually isn’t as good as ours, but there are several places to perform so they have the hand up there. like i said, call, im, email, whatever. but thanks for emailing me. love you lots sweetie and God bless.

shamika walker ^_^


3 Responses to “Dear Friend From Home”

  1. Jingle Says:

    best wishes for your college and career experiences…

    how are you?
    let me know after you are done:
    #1: return favor to poets who are here,
    #2: commented for 18 poets NEW to you,
    Happy Saturday!
    Thanks form the contribution!

    • Shamika Says:

      Hey Jingle!

      I have commented on all the wordpress authors who commented on my work as well as a total of 18 authors.

      Enjoying my Saturday and hoping you are as well,


  2. Jingle Says:

    okay, I will mark you down as done…
    Here is the end of the year awards 4 you, enjoy!

    End of The Year Awards 4 Friends of Jingle or Jingle Poetry Community

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    At this time of the year, We wish you all the best !
    Link a poem to our potluck today, We send blessings all the way to brighten your day!

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