All I had to do was swallow

A couple of pills from an over-the-counter bottle

“There’s nothing to it, ” in my head I say

“All my troubles will end today.”

No more living this kind of life

No more dealing with pain and strife

I won’t have to tell another lie

I don’t even have to say good-bye

I had so many different faces

To go with many different places

Around my friends I had class and style

Around my house I was the perfect child

When I was at school all the answers I knew

When I was at church I was accustomed to a pew

But none of these people were the real me

They were all the people they wanted me to be

The real me was hidden away in the dark

Like the lonely eyes of a beautiful lark

No one could ever look upon myself

I was high in desire and low in health

No one else I had left to live for

No one else that I could love more

Than my very first and only love

I knew he was sent from the heaven above

He was the only one who saw the real me

He showed me the light, almost set me free

When I was with him it was all pure bliss

That most of all I shall surely miss

Half the bottle gone and on its way

I might as well begin to pray

My eyes water and I begin to cry

I finally realize that I don’t want to die

“It’s too late now,” my body screams

The pain is worse than my wildest dreams

My insides bleed and my head begins to numb

How could I ever be so stupid and dumb

“Help!” I choke, “Help me please!

Someone put my soul at ease!”

But there is no one to hear my plea

At least when I die, I’ll be the real me


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