The Man-Boy Epidemic

Girls grow up to be ladies, mothers, wives, and friends. Boys grow up to play video games, collect toys and comic books, drink and throw parties until their mother, girlfriend, or wife forces them to stop at least on a regular basis or they have to act their age due to an illness or having kids. What the hell?

The following are questions I wish I never had to ask my guy:

Did you brush your teeth today?

Why are there ants in the dirty dishes?

When are your friends leaving?

Why are your friends having a “sit-in” in front of the house against me?

Where is your clean underwear?

What is that smell?

Is that smell coming from you?

Where did you put the receipts for bills?

What happened to sticking to the shopping list?

….and I could go on. I want to know what the song writer was thinking when they said the following words:

“Hold on to your love. You’ve got to hold on!”

“Let me cater to you…”

“Age ain’t nothin but a number…”

….and I could go on and on and on and onnnnn with that one. But why fight for something? Why not give up, give in, or give charitably until your lungs give out? Cause God said, “No, you’re not dead yet.” And that’s the gospel truth. I can’t run to a convent. For one, I am not catholic, but I have mad respect yo. For deux I do want to live and I want to live life more abundantly…not in problems cause we all know “mo money mo problems.”

So I am like Solomon. King Solomon was asked in a dream by God what he wanted. He responded, “Wisdom to rule your people.” Thanks to historical events, I don’t know whether or not I am next in line for African Royalty or not, but I do know that I want wisdom. I want to make educated and wise decisions. But love….

“Love is a many splendid thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love…”

Of all the things God created, love is one doosy. There are several different kinds of love just in the Bible.

I don’t speak greek, fluently ;), but I do know that “agape” is the love reserved for God btw Him and His creation. Then there is erotica love which needs no introduction and there is a third that is in between the two. Sexual love was meant to be shared with discretion. Whatever you believe and whoever you are sharing it with, you GOTTA be careful of a few things:

always clean yourself thoroughly Before and soon After

if you are one of the fortunate few who still have their virginity…keep it. don’t just give it away. its not candy. keep your legs closed and you can thank me on your wedding night.

dont spread horrible stories about what did … or didnt happen to friends and family. its way too private for dinner fodder.

…and i could go on. Being married has taught me way more than I bargained for about life, love, and the pursuit of happyness. My life is apparently open for discussion at least here in my hometown. So ask me questions and I will tell you no lies. Good ppl of my facebook various networks, I look forward to crawling out from under this cozy rock called married life I’ve been dozing under to address you as my pr guru Jesus suggests in an online press conference following this break of my personal writer’s strike solidarity movement. I guess the strike is over, but I really have no idea since I dont have cable and newspapers freak me out.

At any rate, I am back to share my thoughts and hope you all enjoy them. And ask me lots of questions. One of my heros is Bill Nye the Science Guy and the others you will surely discover on this quest called life. As God said, “You’re not dead yet…so get up already and LIVE!”


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