One Day

one day all my belongings in the world will be in one place

one day i will wake up and go to bed in a bed i bought every night

one day my job will be a career or profession that has a salary and benefits

one day each of my knickers will have a matching b-strap

one day all of my clothes, even my at home clothes, will be comfortable and accentuate my features instead of highlight my flaws

one day i will be cooking and eating healthy meals daily (because of course, i will be able to afford to)

one day the man i love will be someone who loves me and lives with me

one day i will incorporate girly things into my regular schedule like pedicures and trips to a spa every few months or so

one day i will have the title of “Dr.”

one day i will own my own car

one day i will go to dinner in a beautiful dress with fabulous shoes and flawless makeup and jewelry with the man who loves me and lives with me and turn heads

one day i will help create and nurture life with the man who loves me and lives with me

one day my hair will be all the way down my back

one day i will hang out with my sisters and brother and mom and neice and nephew and mike … at a disney land resort

one day the people i know and love will actually be sent christmas cards, handwritten naturally, from me and my family

one day i will be asked to dance

one day i will travel to an exotic location with a very good friend

one day i will publish a book

one day i will stand in front of hundreds and speak, and they will all have wanted to be there just to hear it

one day i will die and people i knew will go to celebrate my home coming and on that day i hope that of all the things i had hoped i would have accomplished by the time i left the earth i would have at least been able to love and be loved



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