He Who Should Not Be Named

the ache in my chest has become a contraction of pain, sending waves of goosebumps across my skin

my breath turns orgasmic as i steel myself for the mental nausea of memories from my haunting past

just as i fooled myself into believing its over and done with, i have moved on, i am struck by the overpowering strength of a name

he has stolen my breath and unknowingly refuses to give it back, never considering that to return it would only yield a harangue of the heart

a soft wind blows through trees and across dark clouds and whisps away dying leaves in a comfortable picture in my head. i yearn for the peace that the picture delivers, but only skin deep, unlike he who must not be named….

he is a drug that pierces the skin and stampedes through the veins, controlling hormones and emotions, perceptions and feelings, leaving me mercilessly at his will



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