A Gentleman

does more than ask, “did you…you know” after he has caught his breath and removed his sweaty body off of mine


calls back

opens the door–all of them—all the time

meets the friends

meets the family

gives foot massages

holds my hand in public

knows when to let me be coy and when to take me like a man

does what he can to help however he can

gives, not just receives

is romantic, but specifically to me, not just random or half hearted or belated or prompted

has fantastic hygiene

never honks but instead goes to the door as well as walks me back there at the end of the evening

subtly refuses to let me pay for anything but allows me to repay him in other ways

remembers my birthday

remembers silly anniversaries like one month since our second date….eh, not necessary but very impressive as long as it isn’t obsessive, just cute

loves me just as i am

never abandons me

is always courting me, even after he already has me



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